Wednesday, December 13, 2017

We Were First!

We all like to visit Professor Sammy and Assistant Professor Teddy at Two Spoiled Cats fur their Teaser Tuesday.
Last week on Wednesday at Tell All Time guess what...

We were the FIRST COMMENTER's along with our pals at
Friends FurEver
We were all dancing under the Chrispmouse Tree!

We guessed right too even if we weren't furst.
Thanks Professors for our cool new badges!
We posted them on our Right Lower Sidebar

We hope you all visit today to see who won the badges this week and join the Professors next week on Teaser Tuesday!

Timmy Tomcat
Toby Tomcat
Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Miss Fitz
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete

Monday, December 11, 2017

Mancat Monday - Toby

 I am so glad our family wish fur Christmas, Healing Buddy,
came true. Now I have to meow to Dad about what I want
fur Catmus.

To maybe re-home a certain nudgy cat!
Maybe Santa Claws will help...

Toby Tomcat
Dad Pete

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Sunday Selfie: Timmy Tomcat

Lets all visit our Friends at The Cat on My Head
who Sponsor this Hop!

Here I am, Timmy Tomcat, at the tippy top of all things cat.
Please ignore the tarp on the window as Dad did not get drapes yet

Sigh... Looks like I will have to do that too!

As Top Cat I carry my families wishes that you all have a
very Merry ChrispMouse! May they be abundant and cooked
to purrfection! Now lets Selfie!

Now that is a good looking Kitty.

May everyone, anipals, wild beasts and people be safe 
and sated all Holiday Season and beyond!

Timmy Tomcat

Friday, December 8, 2017

Friday with Buddy

Friday with Fitz Buddy Budd

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know you wanted to hear from me.
After all I am the Interesting one around here. I wanted to talk about the dumb bear but... Big Buddy Budd is our Elder so I will
acquiesce. Take it away Floppy Cat! 

Ah waz eatin mah breakie uf mah favz babiez fud.
Ah haz no appertite fur anythin else but ate dat up yum
Then Buddy goez all Floppy Cat an boom! Fallz off da table!

Ah tellz Dad "I fallen an caint git uppy!" 
He saiz: "What is all this then"
Then he put me in mah warm beddy and he be worriez.
We play wit a fluffy so Dad saiz ah thinkin gud gud gud
Well yeah! Ah just tell ya ah fallen an caint git uppy.
Dat show ah knowin whut goin on.

Anyhoo, Dad doez hiz Nursey Man thingie. He saiz dat ah doant got no seemin stroker or nervy tissyoo trubles. He callz da vet an da big vet over all da vetz, Dads fren, saiz he will stay fur Dad.
We git ta goin

Da long storiez. Ya can jump iffin ya wantz.
Ah git dere an ah not happiez. It da vetz aftur allz. Dad tellz him all dat Nursey Man thingiez. He agree cuz Dad smart smart. Den he saiz ah may havva Imatragic Vestibule Dizeeze. Check out da olda post fur Dad  splainin. Ah check inta da vet hotelz and dey gimmee steeroiders, antibiots, thyroider stuff an putta huge splinterz in mah arm. Ah saiz "Ouchie!" Dad saiz "Nighty Buddy yoo git well soon cuz ah lovin ya!" "I will Dad, promize." Dat Sundayz.
He come visit an ah skeered ta da max. Doant lak da vet hotel. Dad sit wit me, we talk, he gimmee a nice thingie frum home cuz it smell lak home. Ah go ta rezt. Ah beat. Dat Mondayz
Nex dayz ah skeered still but sumptin mazin happen in da afternooner. Ah feeling gud. Not gud gud gud but gud. Dad callz fur infoz and ta come visitz. Dey call back saiz "Buddy Budd wanna go home an we siaz OK Doke" Whee.

Dad brung Buddy Budd homey an ah needa nappy nap
Zzzz Zzzz Zzzz
Is he asleep Angela
Yes he is Angelo
I think it is a job well done getting him better
He will make his birthday fur sure Angelie
17 is a big one there will be such a pawty
Look at how well Rumpy is doing
Another ongoing Angel job, look his back end is...
Yes it is better Hee, Hee. We love all our kitties
Buddy is waking up. Lets go!
We will be back at Christmas and when needed!
Bye, Bye, Bye

Whut a great nappy. Ah havin fun dreamerz bout kittah Angels. Lets go follow Dadz an... oh lookee, lunch!
Hey don't be such a noms hog!
Come on, share the wealth!
It gud gud gud and all Minez. Go way!

Dem two why ah chose diz shirty ta sit on.
Buttons iz Hokey an Rumpy iz Scumby

Hey Kali! Ah home an better better! Ah lovin ya!

Hi everyone Dad Pete here: Buddy is doing really well. Better than I expected. He moves slowly but that is alright. He has been sticking to me like glue following me around all day long. Right now he is laying half on my lap purring away. That is alright with me. Thank You for the purrs and Prayers!

Buddy Budd
Rumpy Bump Stumpnots
Mr Buttons
Dad Pete